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E/MWave UHF/700/800/900 Multi-Band LMR Poly Pro Flexible Low Profile Antenna



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The EM-M22001 Multi-band performance includes the upper UHF professional bands from 450-520 MHz and the 700 MHz Public Safety bands, extending through traditional Cellular (806-894 MHz) and 900 MHz (ISM, SCADA) operation. This innovative technology provides a broadband impedance match achieving less than 2:1 VSWR for all operating bands. The design performs as a low profile, efficient monopole, delivering greater than 2 dBi Directivity for all bands. As with all E/M Wave mobile products, optimized efficiency is achieved with a continued commitment for providing the highest quality materials, including stainless steel and solid machined brass radiators, finished with a premium conductive black chrome plating. The antenna includes an electromagnetically coupled feed characterized with low insertion loss, augmenting a 25% reduction in overall height when compared to traditional UHF quarter- wave antennas. The low loss feed and high quality conductive radiator materials meet the requirements for high power applications, where LMR radios are typically transmitting 50-100W of RF power.

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