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Forsberg StarLink GPS Inline Amplifier N Female LA-21-1575-100-N Raven Industries



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Think of the GPS Inline Amplifiers as signal boosters.

As with any electromagnetic radio wave, GPS and GNSS signals become attenuated as they are passed through electrical cable. The amount of signal loss depends on the type and length of the cable used. Typically, when antenna cable runs exceed 50 feet, signal loss can become excessive. The inline amplifiers eliminate this problem by amplifying the GPS signal. With the proper amplifier, you can extend your antenna cable runs to hundreds of feet.

GPS and GNSS receivers also suffer from the effects of EMI. Electromagnetic interference can originate from an external source or even from within the receiver itself. Our inline amplifiers filter and reject unwanted interference and pass GPS and GNSS signals through. By amplifying and filtering the signal before it gets to the receiver, the effect of internally generated electrical noise is reduced.

The inline amplifiers are capable of amplifying all GNSS frequencies (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, L-BAND) and will improve performance on receivers with cable lengths of over 50 ft. They’re available with SMA, TNC, BNC, or N connectors and no special wiring is required, making installation a breeze. We also offer an option for a DC voltage block to avoid the DC voltage travelling to the antenna.

The amplifiers are made with gold plated brass with rugged and watertight packaging. Just plug the amplifier directly in line with your antenna cable. Power to the inline amplifier is already available from your GPS receiver, the inline amplifier uses the same power as the antenna so no extra wiring is required.

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