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2FT LMR-400 N Male Connectors Times Microwave Coaxial Cable Jumper



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Do you need your signal to reach farther across both upper and lower frequency bands? Frustrated by signals dropping or not reaching the spot you need to complete that last contact during a contest? Bought an expensive antenna and it doesn't seem to make your signal any stronger?

Antennas and cables are a system, having a good antenna and a cheap cable will make getting the signal strength you need impossible. Not being able to get solid UHF/VHF or Microwave coverage for Ham or CB where you need it is aggravating. Home and Commercial users as well as the Military have used our cables for years to provide connectivity to critical areas where the signal has to get through.

Dependability. Efficiency. Quality. These are the guiding principles behind 50 ohm Times Microwave LMR-400 Transmission line Coax Antenna cable. Made with pride in the USA, this cable is made from quality components to ensure the optimal signal extension for your contacts. If signal strength and consistency are your concerns, this coax cable meets all your needs. It is made to exacting Times Microwave LMR specifications and is designed to carry the strongest possible signal to your antenna. When it comes to transmission quality and peace of mind, nothing beats our coax. Most sellers antenna cables are simply cheap Times Microwave or Andrew copies. Our US-made products use high-precision quality control and mission critical attention to detail. If you're looking for high quality Times Microwave compliant products, buy our 50 ohm Coax Antenna cable today and see the difference.

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