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Lot of 5 N Male Coax Connectors for LMR-195 - N Male Plug Crimp Coaxial LMR195



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Dependability. Efficiency. Quality. These are the three core principles behind MPD Digital's quality N Male Coaxial Connectors. Our Connectors are Not Sourced From Communist Countries, these connectors are made only from quality components to ensure the optimal signal for your Wireless network or Ham / CB radio. If signal strength and propagation are your concerns, these LMR195 coax cable N connectors more than meet all your requirements.

Our coaxial N cable connectors are made from solid brass and plated in Nickel, Silver, and Gold, compliant to Mil Spec transmission and construction specifications. When it comes to Ham, CB & Wireless Internet transmission quality and peace of mind, nothing beats quality connectors. The connectors we sell for coaxial cables aren't cheap tin or pot metal with electroplate coatings. If you're looking for high quality Mil Spec compliant products made with precision quality control and mission critical attention to detail try our N male connectors today and see the difference.

There is a Huge Difference between Quality N Male LMR-195 Connectors and cheap Chinese imports

• Low Loss: A LMR-195 Nickel plated brass connector has lower loss than other RG ‘58x’ type connectors. This is achieved through the use of a high velocity dielectric and a Gold Plated conductor.The sold brass bodies are plated to withstand the elements and provide consistent signal integrity.

• Weatherproof: The UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes coaxial cables rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments. Your connector when properly applied must do the same. Water infiltration is the number one cause of intermittent signal loss and high SWR. It is not uncommon to see a $300 antenna cable replaced because of a $3 connector!

• RF Shielding: The high quality Dielectric shielding of the inner conductor is overlapped with Plated Brass Shielding to provide 100% coverage, resulting in >90 dB RF shielding (>180 dB crosstalk) and excellent interference immunity (ingress and egress).

• Connectors and Assemblies: MPD Digital provides jumper cable assemblies fabricated with Times Microwave LMR-195 coax cable and a variety of connector interface combinations. Custom assemblies with over 600 connector combinations, measurement by the foot to any desired length, and other special construction or design requirements can also be provided. A good selection of cable is available for all connector combinations as shown in our store. Custom configurations are easily produced.

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