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Lot of 6 PL-259 Coax Connectors for LMR-400 - PL-259 Male Crimp Connectors



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Pricing by the lot - We price our cable connectors by the lot including the cost of bulk connectors shipping. While the price of the connector varies by type, the cost of connectors is kept as low as possible. Our cable connectors are expected to have a life span of up to 20 years in amateur radio and wireless use. While we are happy to provide connectors in any lot sizes you like it may be wise to purchase a few extra than you need now in case your requirements change.

Factory Direct - We purchase our coax connectors factory direct in 25,000 piece orders. This allows us to purchase coaxial connectors at a quantity discount, pass savings on to our customers, and maintain a stock level to fulfil orders.

Cutting Corners - We can purchase the Chinese coax cable connectors sold by the majority of sellers here for over 50% less than what we pay for ours. With copper/brass prices up over 300% in the last year there is more pressure than ever on producers and sellers profit margins. Many sellers have started selling this cheaper aluminium connector type at almost the same cost as we charge for the real thing. We have purchased some of this product and found it weighs 35% less per unit than Genuine Brass and Nickel cable connectors. Although we have we do not know if this is due to metallic or dielectric composition it reinforces our commitment to the genuine articles.

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