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PL-259 Solder Connector for RG-213, LMR-400, and RG-8u - MADE IN THE USA



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PL-259 UHF Connector with Silver Plated Contact and Tri-Metal / Phosphor Bronze Plated Body / Shield with Teflon Dielectric | 100% MADE IN THE USA!

Now Ham and CB Radio Operators have a choice to BUY USA MADE! Our PL-259 Connectors are made in our Florida factory using MILSPEC components and tooling. Please see the details shown in the photos. These connectors are UNCONDITIONALLY WARRANTIED FOR LIFE. If you EVER break one, for any reason, we will replace it Free.

These new connectors are perfectly milled brass with a superb quality of workmanship. The connector shield and body is then heavy plated in the new Military Standard Phosphor Bronze (Tri-Metal) coating with the Contact remaining Silver for best signal retention. A solid Teflon Dielectric is fused to the connector body and WILL NOT MELT even if you choose to use blow torch for soldering.

In designing our PL-259's MPD Digital stated with the Drawings and Specifications of the classic Amphenol 083-822 Military UHF connector. This isn't the cheap Chinese RFX type but the one with US Army Signal Corps certification. From there we incorporated the high raised knurls and fused dielectric of the RF Industries RFU-501. What we ended up with is what we believe the best US Made PL-259 connector ever.

Why Tri-Metal Plating instead of Silver?

This cutting edge process represents a dramatic improvement in plating RF connectors. The TRI-METAL process provides high corrosion and tarnish resistance, with a use life that far exceeds traditional silver plating. With electrical performance far superior to nickel, this new plating method overcomes the negative characteristics of Both Silver and Nickel plating.

Silver exhibits excellent electrical properties but tends to tarnish and breaks down over time. Nickel Plating provides a longer life when exposed to the elements with better wear characteristics, but exhibits poor intermodulation performance, high permeability, and less effective screening. Most important in designing a PL-259 - it has horrible soldering capability!

TRI-Metal Plated connectors overcome these drawbacks while providing excellent corrosion resistance (even in harsh Marine environments), and a low surface friction that is approximately 70% of silver. Tri-Metal also provides high conductivity, almost equal to Silver (the Same as Tarnished Silver), superior abrasion resistance, excellent solderability, Salt Resistance, and overall superior durability.

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