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50FT RG6 With BNC Males Coax Scanner Cable for Discone and Scanning Antennas



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RG-6 Coax Cables for Scanner reception and Co phasing. This RG6 scanner antenna cable was produced using 100% made in the USA components by skilled technicians who are also FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Our coaxial cables are designed to provide the strongest signal retention between your antenna and radio scanner.

Commscope is the largest manufacturer of Coaxial Cable still operating in the U.S.A. MPD Digital has released a new line of flexible RG-6 (75 Ohm) coax assemblies to support a growing demand. There is a significant difference in Coaxial cable Made in the USA and cheap imported products. This is particularly important with "RG" type cable where the only thing governing Quality is the Integrity of the Manufacturer. All our coax passes UL and ANSI testing standards and has proven to be UV stable and remain water tight. Saving a few bucks only to replace your installation in a couple of years is a false economy.

We prepare these Coax assemblies using combinations of Male or Female BNC, PL-259, F, and N connectors. Current uses include:

  • Low Cost - Ultra Low Loss antenna lines for Scanners and receivers
  • Impedance matching for Amateur Radio Antenna installations
  • Connecting High Definition TV and Satellite signals to TV and receivers
  • Satellite Dish antenna cable
  • Digital Audio and Video cables

CommScope RG-6 is made Different! Unlike any other, CommScope uses a patented process to integrate the inner shield to a flexible Gas-Injected Foamed Polyethylene (GIFPE) dielectric. This supports significantly less loss and sustained signal retention up through 3 GHz. As a result of the composite construction, CommScope RG-6 has increased pull strength and Crush resistance. With the additional Multi-Shield support, CommScope RG-6 better resists kinking and flattening during installation. CommScope RG-6 can also be bent to a smaller radius for ease of use. Multiple bends and difficult installations both aerially and underground are more reliable with CommScope RG-6. Initial core to sheath adhesion and retention of adhesion at cold temperatures has been significantly improved. CommScope RG-6 offers the same basic electrical specifications as non bonded cables, but extends the upper frequency of the cable to 3 GHz. There is no compromise in shielding or sheath and loop resistance.

For more than 30 years, CommScope has been a leader in the development and manufacture of the coaxial cable that keeps residential and commercial structures connected to advanced communications networks.Each foot of cable we produce is manufactured to our stringent specifications, as if it's the most important length we will ever produce. The result is a cable that can carry more bandwidth over longer distances, with customer-pleasing signal clarity. Series 6 and 11 products are used throughout the premises in today’s HFC networks. These products meet all industry standards, including ANSI / SCTE 74 2003, Specification for Braided 75 Ohm Flexible Coaxial Drop Cables. Available for indoor-premise, general purpose, aerial self-support, and burial applications. CommScope Communications’ innovations have improved the quality and reliability of the installation, therefore improving customer satisfaction. All TFC drop products are UV stable and resistance to extreme temperature variations. Why trust the signals coming into your system to any other cable?

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