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30FT RG-213 With PL-259 (UHF Male) Connectors Antenna Cable Ultra Low Loss VHF HF Coaxial GMRS Wire Line



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Ultra Low Loss Jumper for CB, Amateur Radio, and Scanner Antenna Cable with PL-259 Connectors on MILSPEC RG-213 for HF to UHF Radio use - 18 ft

Dependability. Efficiency. Quality. These are the three core principles behind our RG-213 Coax Antenna cable. Made with pride in the USA, this cable is made only from quality components to ensure the optimal signal for your RX / DX needs for Ham / CB radio. If signal strength and propagation are your concerns, this coax cable more than meets all your requirements.

This highly flexible .405 inch coax is US made to specifications and is fully compliant to US Mil Spec JAN-C-17 / MIL- C-17 transmission and construction specifications. When it comes to Ham, CB & Wireless Radio transmission quality and peace of mind, nothing beats MILSPEC! Our RG-213 coax cables aren't cheap offshore copies but US-made products of high precision quality control and mission critical attention to detail. If you're looking for high quality Mil Spec compliant products, buy 50 ohm US Made Coax Antenna coax and Jumpers today and see the difference.

RG213 UHF Cable with PL259 Connectors See our Entire Catalog for 2 feet to 150 foot 100% US MADE Cables

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A word on Our U.S.A. Made Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Construction - Unlike the competition we never "Drop Ship" our cables from China or a nameless warehouse in California. We manufacture each cable in Albany, Georgia from US Made MILSPEC coaxial cable using Schleuniger 5400 computerized strippers, DMC HX23 pneumatic crimping presses, and Metcal soldering stations. You receive the same quality cables we provide to our Government and Commercial clients. Prior to shipping all of our cables are inspected by technicians who are FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

Pricing by the foot - We price our cable assemblies by the foot including the cost of installed connectors. While the price of the coax varies by length, the cost of connectors is fixed. This means that the sales price of shorter cables varies very little. The Difference between a 3 and a 5 foot cable can be as little as $1. Our cables are expected to have a life span of up to 20 years in amateur radio and wireless use. While we are happy to make your cable any length you like it may be wise to purchase one a little longer than you need in case your set-up changes.

Factory Direct - We purchase our coax factory direct from Times Microwave, Coleman, Consolidated Wire & Cable, and CommScope in 55,000+ foot orders. This allows us to purchase coax at a quantity discount, pass savings on to our customers, and maintain a stock level to fulfil orders. We currently stock over 250,000 feet of RG-213, RG-214, RG-223, RG-11, RG-6, LMR-400, LMR-240, LMR-195 and RG-58 Made in USA cable.

Cutting Corners with "Equivalent" Cable - We can purchase the Chinese coax sold by the majority of sellers on eBay and Amazon for Over 50% Less than what we pay US MILSPEC grade cable. With copper prices up over 300% in the last years there is more pressure than ever on producers and sellers profit margins. Many sellers have started selling cheaper Chinese coax as "US Assembled" at almost the same cost as we charge for the real thing (with a much higher profit margin). If you are looking at Coax from Shireen, Jefa, Cellphonemate, Generic, or any other copycat this coax can be imported by the container load from China for pennies on the $$$. We have purchased some of this coax and found it weighs around 15% less per foot than Genuine Times, CommScope or Andrew cable. Although we do not know if this is due to metallic or plastic composition it reinforces our commitment to the genuine article. In particular, "LMRxxx Equivalent" cable is NOT. They don't spend the money for Non-Contaminating Jackets, UL Certification, 3rd Party testing or meet MILSPEC standards. Times Microwave holds 8 US Patents on all aspects of their coax. Jacket and Dielectric Construction, Materials, Signal Propagation and Copper Plating are ALL restricted by Patent.

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